Induction cap sealing machine is a non-contact process by which a foil disk or "seal" is bonded to a container. 
First, the caps are supplied with an aluminum foil induction innerseal, ready to load into the capper. 
The container is then filled and capped by the existing process, using the caps that are pre-lined with the induction innerseal.

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Conveyor Heavy

conveyor as optional, for induction cap sealing machine, there ar two sizes to choice.

Conveyor light

standard size of conveyor for food packaging machine.

GIS-2000A with conveyor

Automatic GIS-2000A induction aluminum cap sealing has bottle counting, heating coil automatic moving, block all the inlet bottles when generator got problem, protection system for bottle jam under coil, etc. functions that is free of charge to meet various fields needs.


High frequency of induction cap sealer, production line GIS-3000A has creative design to consider some customers who has 20 mm cap size up to 120 mm cap size but only want to have one heating coil size problem. GIS-3000A could seal 20-120 mm cap size but one heating coil. We believe that will be your best choice.


Semi automatic GIS-500A induction aluminum cap sealing has automatic heating coil moving design, 220V & 110V power supply to choice